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New Site, New Music, Digital Painting, Video Projects and More!

Building out my new website so hang in there while I work out the kinks. Really excited to re-brand all my music stuff and add video projects and digital painting to share with the world...

Cool J.A.M.M. Studio

Sharing my music and artwork with the world and reconnecting with the creative community.

The 3 primary sections of my site to visit:

  • Original songs and music

  • My Digital Paintings and artwork

  • Video Projects featuring my music and artwork

While I'm not sure that I have or will have a "following" on this site I also plan to have all my front page posts listed as blogs for chat and staying connected...

Plan to add more and more content and sections as I go. Some future website stuff will include: Artist Friends & Links, Merchandise, Contact, Social Media and more!

How is my site looking so far?

Please visit often and share your thoughts in my blog posts if you are so inclined...


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