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New Song: Fall Away

First update to the site in a long time. This song has also taken a long time & a long journey to completion. I started writing and recording Fall Away (Listen Here) more than 10 years ago...

I wrote the song about the main character in the movie Memento by Christopher Nolan

Had some help with this song. Lifetime friend and super talented musician Tom Ingram provided the Bass Guitar & Keyboards for this track. The collaboration really helped me pull the song together and give it the feel I was looking for. Thanks Tom!


Tracked down a Blue Antares BC Rich Bich Copy which was the 1st guitar I owned. Little bit of nostalgia for my Studio and guitar collection. Its shown here with my other guitars from the 80's a Takamine Classical & my Kramer Baretta American with its only one made airbrush of Marilyn Monroes lips.


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